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About Us

Debt fundi is a debt specialist company, let us help you be Debt Free.


We have been in the debt industry for many years and have helped lots of South Africans deal with their debt. We offer professional debt advise and find the best solution for the client to become debt free. Our passion comes from helping people cope with their debt and become rehabilitated in the process.

We understand that dealing with your debt can be extremely stressful, especially when it comes to dealing with your credit providers. We will help you by dealing directly with your credit providers on your behalf. Our free debt assessment will help us evaluate your situation and we will offer you the best solution to effectively deal with your debt.

The Debt Fundi offers numerous competitions to assist people with their debt. Our winners will receive some relief from their debt. Our main prize comprises of a full debt settlement. We are excited to help one lucky subscriber to become absolutely debt free. We will pay up all of their debt and give that lucky subscriber a new start to an amazing debt free life.

The Debt Fundi – helping South Africans become debt free.